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Chevrolet Keys & Remotes  Comes With Special Features.

The transponder will need to be coded to your car.  Call us for an appointment.  More Information About Chevrolet Keys Remotes

Notes: If this remote has auto start feature and your vehicle does not have this option, the auto star remote feature will not work. Call for installation.

Please verify that your existing or previous transponder looks like the example presented. If you are in the Los Angeles, Burbank, Hollywood area call and we will make appointment to program your transponder.

Product Description

Locksmith Las Vegas Chevrolet

Locksmith Las Vegas Chevrolet – Chevrolet keys come with options other than door lock. Be sure of what your vehicle requires to be effective. If you want to upgrade call  us for our up grade options and services. Start with looking at our current Locksmith LA Chevrolet to be repaired and the options, check available buttons for functions. If your vehicle has engine start, extra doors, hatch lift, or lift gate, option ability be sure to communicate this to our professional locksmiths we will confirm with your manufacturer. We specialize in custom Chevrolet remote replacements and all other vehicle brands, including boats, big rigs, motorcycles, gates, and remotes.  I take great pride in getting the job done right the first time. Sometimes locksmiths fail to up grade their equipment to code the fobs effectively. There is nothing more frustrating than a fob that only works opening a door and not starting an engine. Today fobs are becoming more and more sophisticated and require the right equipment to code them. I keep my equipment up to date with the right coding equipment. If you have a high end foreign or European car the cost of a new fob is expensive. Call us to find out if we can get you an aftermarket fob or re manufactured fob meaning from an auto recycle company. I am here to help so call today and find out if your vehicle will allow an up-grade.

Locksmith Las Vegas Chevrolet professionals Serving all of the Las Vegas Regions.

Locksmith Las Vegas Chevrolet system providing quality installs and repairs, I insure that the keys, coding are activated and working. A great working auto lock is made with pride with the car was born. There are manufacturer or off brands that are good but sometimes they just do not work. I insure that we get your key locking system back to original manufactured standards or better.  Call John at BlueSKY Locksmith

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Locksmith Las Vegas Chevrolet


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